Call 911 if there is an immediate threat to harm yourself or others or if a weapon is involved.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who created this directory?

Why not use CIT-trained officers?

Are the services listed on the directory free?

How can I get in touch with the services listed on the directory?

How can I support this directory and project moving forward?


    1. Donations to continue to provide this directory can be made here.

    2. Please share your experience here if you have used this directory. Click here to read “Our Success Stories”. 
    3. Please help us grow awareness of this directory by sharing it on your social media profiles with the hashtag #therightresponse.



How do I use this directory?

Note: We are constantly improving the directory’s usability. So, keep an eye on more user-friendly upgrades. 

How is my privacy protected when using this directory?

How is this directory different from similar projects?

How often is this directory updated?

Is this directory free to use?

What if I know an organization that should be included in this directory?

Who funds this directory, and how can I support it?

This directory is provided free of charge to the community by 1M4 through the grant partnership of Players Coalition. To support the continuation of compiling lifesaving resources, donate directly to 1M4 HERE

What is this directory all about?

What should I do if I notice incorrect information in a listing?

Why does this directory exist?

Why is the name of this resource 'The Right Response'?